Kingslayer, new-page-0.jpgKingslayer, a novel by Napoleon Lovecraft.

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The year is 1427. The Great Revolution has been raging for eight long years, effecting every aspect of life in the Isobellian Empire. Countless are dead, and thousands of families have been torn apart. But the Empire still has hope to be freed.

Andreas Bellbrook is the Kingslayer: a prophesied hero destined by fate to steal the legendary sword Excelsior from the Black King Tiberius. With it, André will end the war by killing the Black King despite his immortality.

But Tiberius has grown wise to the Kingslayer’s destiny, and will stop at nothing to see him killed.

Soon, André is swept into a war that he wants no part in, and the only way for him to survive is to join the national resistance and steal the legendary sword with their aid. Before long, André’s life will depend on their victory.