A Few Things About Character Development

Despite the fact that I’ve been doing this blog for several weeks, I’ve just now realized I haven’t yet done a single post on the development of characters. So, I figured I’d make several posts on the subject, each focusing on a different type of character (and their different roles in the story). But for this post, I figured I’d get into the basics on how to create characters in the first place.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that people are creatures of personality. Everyone has strengths, along with a few weaknesses thrown in the mix. For your main characters, you want them to have more redeeming qualities than you do negative ones. Are they reliable? Are they funny? Do they have anger issues? I’ve heard that 80/20 is a good ratio, unless you’re creating a villain.

Something else to remember is that every person has beliefs. What religion do they believe in? What does their politics look like? What offends them and why? Also, if the story is set in an alternate world, their beliefs will need to reflect on that. So if eating dogs is taboo in your world, how does the character in question respond to such an act? These kinds of things need to be kept in mind when writing the character.

These are just a couple of things that should help. I have more that will be posted about protagonists and antagonists (and other character types), but that’s all I’m posting for now.

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–N.L., 2017




Author: napoleonlovecraft

Napoleon Lovecraft is a blogger and author from the suburbs of Maumelle, Arkansas. Born in 1988, Lovecraft is a lover of the fantasy genre. It is his goal to write in as many fantasy subgenres before he kicks the bucket, with stories ranging from short stories to full-length novels. His debut novel, Kingslayer, is expected to be a unique take on the High Fantasy genre, having been told in first person and aided with footnotes, not to mention the fact that it is set in a non-medieval fantasy world. Lovecraft is studying for his BA in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas. He lives in Greenbrier, Arkansas with his family, where his dog and seven cats keep him in line.

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