The Religious Structure of Kingslayer, A Novel by Napoleon Lovecraft

As you will know from my previous blog posts, I have been posting entries to discuss the world building of my novel Kingslayer. For today’s post, we will get into the religious elements of the world I created.

First and foremost, the religious peoples of the Isobellian Empire (country where the book takes place) are mostly followers of the fictional religion known as Redisy. This faith is a polytheistic version of Roman Catholicism, by and large. There is a hierarchy of priests and bishops, just like the Catholic Church. There are three classifications of deity according to the teachings of the Church of Redisy:

  1. Anismyra (or the Mother Creator)
  2. The Gods of Redisy (or simply the gods)
  3. St. Aramara

The Mother Creator

The Mother Creator is the creation goddess of the Redisy faith.  She created the gods, the universe, and she is the spiritual mother of St. Aramara himself.

The Gods of Redisy

The Gods of Redisy are a body of hundreds–maybe thousands–of deities, each with their own set of powers and characteristics. They created the Earth (and by extension the mortal realm), each placing within it a bit of themselves.

St. Aramara

Aramara Tij Luthinium was the chief patriarch of the Church of Redisy. Born of a virgin, the Noble Saint was sent to die in the mortal realm to atone for the sins of the world.

Each of the above had a hand in the creation of the seven Relics of Redisy, which I discussed in a previous blog. I won’t tell you what each of them does, since it gives too much of the story away.

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–N.L., 2017


Author: napoleonlovecraft

Napoleon Lovecraft is a blogger and author from the suburbs of Maumelle, Arkansas. Born in 1988, Lovecraft is a lover of the fantasy genre. It is his goal to write in as many fantasy subgenres before he kicks the bucket, with stories ranging from short stories to full-length novels. His debut novel, Kingslayer, is expected to be a unique take on the High Fantasy genre, having been told in first person and aided with footnotes, not to mention the fact that it is set in a non-medieval fantasy world. Lovecraft is studying for his BA in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas. He lives in Greenbrier, Arkansas with his family, where his dog and seven cats keep him in line.

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