The Political Structure of Kingslayer, A Novel by Napoleon Lovecraft

In one of my previous blog posts, I went into detail about some of the world building stuff related to my novel Kingslayer. I mostly went into the magic systems and touched a little on the religious elements of the text; however, I didn’t get into the government and politics of that world. So with no further ado, let’s talk the governmental systems of the Isobellian Empire.

First and foremost, Isobellia is a sovereign state that, like many real Empires, is composed of territories. The Empire is made up of the sovereign state of Isobellia and seven territories. They are as follows:

  1. Cynlon
  2. Cynlu
  3. Hathara
  4. The Gililands
  5. Lychford
  6. Abu Dali
  7. Yorkenshire

Before the events of the novel, Isobellia was a free country, led by the powerful White King Michael Willington. Like the U.S. and other nations in the real world, the Empire was made up of three equal branches of government:

  1. The king
  2. The Royal Council
  3. The courts

The King

Unlike the dictatorship that appears in Kingslayer, the monarchy of the previous decades was very democratic in nature. The king wasn’t elected and his children would have ascended to the throne, but in order to pass laws, the king had to go through the single-chambered legislature known as the Royal Council.

The Royal Council

This council is a body of lords (three from each territory and zero from the sovereign state) that are appointed by the king and voted into office by the people. They pass laws by a 3/5 majority, and by the same margin, they can remove the king and his heirs from power. A new leader is then selected from the members on the Royal Council.

Each lord from the Royal Council serves for a single seven-year term.

The Courts

I won’t explain this one, since it’s pretty much the same as in the real world.

This is how it was until the Black King Tiberius took over the Empire and killed many lords and even his predecessor, King Michael Willington. This event takes place twenty-four years before the main events of Kingslayer.

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–N.L., 2017


Author: napoleonlovecraft

Napoleon Lovecraft is a blogger and author from the suburbs of Maumelle, Arkansas. Born in 1988, Lovecraft is a lover of the fantasy genre. It is his goal to write in as many fantasy subgenres before he kicks the bucket, with stories ranging from short stories to full-length novels. His debut novel, Kingslayer, is expected to be a unique take on the High Fantasy genre, having been told in first person and aided with footnotes, not to mention the fact that it is set in a non-medieval fantasy world. Lovecraft is studying for his BA in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas. He lives in Greenbrier, Arkansas with his family, where his dog and seven cats keep him in line.

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