The Writing Process

Before you ever put words to paper, it is vital that you have some kind of outline. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few character sheets or a few notes on what you want to do with your story, but it’s important to know where your story is going. This outline then becomes a finished novel, and you’ve just completed a project using a process that is undoubtedly unique to you.

The writing process is a very interesting thing. Every writer’s process is going to be different somehow. George R. R. Martin, from my understanding, writes his novels without a real outline. Others, like Brandon Sanderson, rely heavily on an outline.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the hybrid area of this spectrum. I write brief outlines, then rewrite them several times, until I have something that looks like a movie script. That’s when I write the story like a novel. So, I outline and I discovery write both at the same time.

The main point is this: learn what your process is and stick to it. That’s how you’re going to most effectively produce stories on a regular basis.

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–N.L., 2017


Author: napoleonlovecraft

Napoleon Lovecraft is a blogger and author from the suburbs of Maumelle, Arkansas. Born in 1988, Lovecraft is a lover of the fantasy genre. It is his goal to write in as many fantasy subgenres before he kicks the bucket, with stories ranging from short stories to full-length novels. His debut novel, Kingslayer, is expected to be a unique take on the High Fantasy genre, having been told in first person and aided with footnotes, not to mention the fact that it is set in a non-medieval fantasy world. Lovecraft is studying for his BA in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas. He lives in Greenbrier, Arkansas with his family, where his dog and seven cats keep him in line.

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